Coconut Aminos…Are They Paleo?

Nell- what do you think of Coconut Aminos 8 fl oz by Coconut Secret as a way to make recipes calling for soy sauce?

First off, kudos for remembering that liquid aminos are NOT paleo as they are derived from soybeans.  Soy is found in so many places that one might not expect to see, as it's often used as a meat tenderizer, amongst other things.

A quick peak at the website above shows that it's a "Soy-Free Seasoning alternative for use like soy sauce in salad dressings, marinades, sautés, and with sushi! This delicious product does not have a coconutty flavor."

And the ingredients are:  Organic coconut sap aged and blended with sun-dried, mineral-rich sea salt.

Finally, the caveat at the end: "Due to the naturally occurring fermentation of this product, the contents may fizz when opened.

Refrigerate after opening to reduce fizzy effect."

So- final take-home message:

No, it's not paleo for two reasons- it's got salt and it's fermented.  For athletes, some added salt to the diet is permissible, however fermented items wouldn't be.

I will say, however, that I'd far prefer to see a client use a small amount of that if they chose to do so, over even a trace of soy!

If you'll let me know what you're specifically trying to use this for, I  may be able to offer some suggestions.

Thanks for the inquiry, and readers, keep 'em coming@!