Raw Fish…And Meat?

It’s funny; I spend so much time trying to explain (when asked!) that Paleo is not all about ‘just eating raw meat all day long” that I seem to have been remiss about mentioning the fact that is can serve as a fantastic part of a healthy Paleo regime!

Some choose to follow Paleo from a perspective integrating some raw with some cooked, while others feel strongly about preparation being sans heat.    There are arguments for both approaches, the most common ones that I’ve heard being:

  • “Cooking kills nutrients” (true)


  • “Not cooking puts one at risk of bacterial contamination” (also true)

For those who have been reading my work for a while, you won’t be surprised at what I’m about to suggest: balance!   Sometimes eat raw, and sometimes eat cooked.

Including meat and fish.

The key is to be fastidious about sourcing your proteins.    I wouldn’t suggest going into the local franchise grocery store, purchasing their day-old beef tenderloin and eating it as-is.  However, dining at a local restaurant where they’ve made an in-house carpaccio out of local grass fed beef, finished off with a raw quail egg is something I’ve partaken of many a time.

Similarly with fish- wild salmon sashimi, for example, is a fantastic source of protein and rich, Omega 3 fatty acids; the sunfish your son caught in the lake today at boy scout camp, however, might be better off cooked over an open fire!

Certain populations may want to be a bit more careful, including pregnant women or anyone with a compromised immune system.

As long as you’re diligent about sourcing your proteins and use common sense about it, you’ll reduce your chances of getting ill from a bacterial contamination as well as increase the huge variety of options for your Paleo plate!