Cookies At The Gym? Really?


I just finished up a treadmill speed session and as I passed the gym cafe, which is located right next to the main entrance/exit, I noticed there was a tray of freshly baked cookies placed on the counter.

I have an issue with this.


I'm not personally interested in ingesting the wheat/dairy/sugar cocktail BUT I've had many a client mention to me that they'd rather not be tempted by those things at the very place they go to improve their health. Bad enough they're tempted at work or at home, if their housemates have not gone Paleo (yet!), but at the gym?


It's all part of the same old problem; people feeling they've done something 'good' (ok- I agree with that- going to the gym to MOVE IS good!), and then they decide it's a good idea to have a 'reward' (I agree with that in principle, BUT the thing that you determine which makes an appropriate reward should NOT be sugary, processed food that you'll eat too much of and slap those extra pounds right back on!) in the form of a cookie.


There's a huge disconnect there.


Reward yourself with a new pair of Blahniks, a mani/pedi or, concert tickets for your favorite band that's coming to town!  


If you have a giant dessert as a reward every time you lose a pound, you're not going to get very far!


I understand how certain foodstuffs or 'sports nutrition' items might be sold at a gym, as the media obviously pitches them as being healthy, but cookies?