A New Treatment for MS- Gilenya? How About Food Instead?

My mom was diagnosed with MS in 1990.   One of the first things I recall the neurologist telling us was that if she opted to go the betaseron, copaxone or interferon route, any of the drugs might work, might not work, or might make things worse and cause side effects, like cancer.

Twenty plus years later and from what I can tell, things on the drug market do not seem to have improved that much.

To clarify, I’m not saying for a second that sometimes the drugs do work; rather, the issue at hand I have is that the focus is still incredibly biased toward taking drugs as the solution.

This, despite the fact that people are finding incredible relief for MS as well as other autoimmune conditions by following the Paleo Lifestyle.

If you caught the recent Dr Oz Show, for example, you may remember the last segment in which two women discussed how they’d found relief from their thyroid dysfunction and MS by adopting this common sense regime.

These two women are not alone.  They may be in the anomaly, but MS patients around the world are finding the same thing.

If you, too, have found relief, let’s work together and get the message out there, because far too many people are getting more and more sick and taking more and more meds, and they could be helped tremendously.

Imagine if the knowledge that we have on the positive impact of the Paleo diet was made accessible to everyone?  As in, even the Western-based MDs?  Consider how fantastic it would be if we flipped open the new issue of SHAPE magazine and rather than seeing two young girls sticking their tongues out to MS as part of the new ad for the MS Medicine, Gilenya, we saw a healthy woman surrounded by fresh veg, fruit meat and fat and a little blurb about how now she no longer needs her wheelchair?

Um, hello?

PS- Following the Paleo diet does not have the following potential risks (which Gilenya, as an example, does):

  • Decreased white blood cell count
  • Liver Dysfunction
  • “Serious Infections” (not sure what that even means!)
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Breathing problems
  • Slow heart rate

How to get the message out if you’re a believer?  Reach out to anyone and everyone!  Write an essay and send it into your local paper.   Start a blog.  Start a Meet  Up group… if we keep shouting, someone’s got to hear at some point!