Choosing Your Oils

All oils are not created equal, and even within one specific type of oil, like olive, there are still many variations.

  • The first PALEO rule of thumb when it comes to oils is that our choices include olive, walnut, avocado, coconut and flaxseed.  (Fish oil is also an important part of The Paleo Diet, but one wouldn't likely use it as a flavoring option as the four above).
  • For cooking, stick with olive oil; the others tend to decompose quickly at high temps and produce toxic by-products.  Use the others raw on salads or in homemade smoothies, for example.
  • Always choose extra virgin as it contains the highest concentration of healthy polyphenolic compounds which help to protect from cancers and heart disease.
  • As far as WHERE your olive oil comes from, you have your choice from Italy, Greece, Spain… just to name a few of the more popular olive oil producing countries.  

Do yourself a favor and try a new one each time; the vast array of flavors and depths of different regional olive oils is so complex, one might compare it to wine tasting- enjoy!

Here's one of my faves: