Seasonal Senses… Aside from Taste

Granted, the holidays traditionally come hand in hand with seasonally appropriate candies, cookies, pies, drinks and all out feasts.

I'm not going to be unreasonable and suggest you throw that part out the window; I know I won't!  I'll keep true to form  with my eating, while still enjoying my Paleo versions of many of the traditional foods.

in addition, do include and pay attention to the other senses, too, and let that be a part of your enjoyment of the holidays.

Smell your way through the season: put up a real tree and deck out all the rooms in your house with Williams Sonoma's Winter Forest Scented Candles.   Simmer a pot of hot cinnamon tea.   

Visualize..deck the house out with lights (hire a pro- trust me, if you're like me and not too savvy on that front- it's worth it!), and place a few choice pieces of subtle Christmas Decor in select locations around the house.

Finally, my favourite (much to my husband's dismay) – listen to those great, classic Carols.

Collectively, what's better than sitting round the lighted tree, listening to Bing Crosby's White Christmas while sipping a cuppa?

And you didn't even have to eat a 400 calorie Christmas Pudding to make it a fun & festive evening!

I'm just saying…