Cinco de Mayo

Many types of regional cuisine may seem, at first, as though they wouldn’t fit into the parameters of Paleo.  

This is partly due to the fact that we, in the US, tend to make our own versions of what was once a healthy dish that grandma used to make in the countries of our origins, but is now longer the same thing we grew up with.  We may have added sugar, salt and canned or boxed versions of what used to be a made-from-scratch meal.

It’s also due to sometimes not automatically thinking outside of the box; looking beyond what a traditional recipe calls for and then being  a bit creative and swapping Paleo friendly options in for those that are not.

You can enjoy Mexican food with no trouble at all, just by making a few changes to menu options, or even better, host a party yourself!

Following is an example of a Cinco de Mayo Menu that I concocted, which was later approved for authenticity by several of my clients who are based in Mexico.  Enjoy!


Guacamole with veggie crudites- carrots, radish, celery, jicama and bell peppers make great options

Ceviche- served with Bibb Lettuce in place of chips or tortillas


Combine diced mango and jicama with lime, toss with chopped Romaine lettuce and top with fresh avocado and olive oil.


Grilled fish or shrimp or chicken or steak fajitas.  Even though fajitas may traditionally be prepared with brown sugar and Worchestire Sauce, which contains vinegar and sometimes corn syrup, in their marinades, you can easily prepare a Paleo friendly marinade using olive oil, fresh lime or sour orange juice, garlic,chili powder, cumin and hot pepper flakes.  Saute with bell peppers and onions and skip the beans, rice, cheese and tortillas


Serve sparkling water with a lime wedge in festive glasses; of course you’re not going to trick anyone into thinking they’re having a Margarita,   but it may be more interesting than water.  If you do want to indulge on on this special occasion, have a glass of red wine.


An abundance of fresh berries, whatever is available locally, and top with shaved coconut and a dash of cinnamon.


Grilled Peaches, Pineapple & Nectarines

Have fun while enjoying your Paleo celebration, without missing a beat!