Coconut Sauce- Paleo and Great for A Marinade

After my post yesterday, a few readers asked for my recipe for the coconut sauce I used on the pork tenderloin.

Here's what I threw together:

Saute fresh garlic in some olive oil over medium in a cast iron skillet.

Stir in some fresh coconut milk (careful of using canned as it usually has guar gum- high in saponins and to be avoided in particular by anyone w autoimmune disease), turn flame to low and stir for about five minutes.

Add in some fresh lemon grass and a small piece of fresh ginger.

Remove from heat- let cool and then you can divide it and use some for a marinade and some for a sauce.  

I'd recommend this light marinade with pork tenderloin, chicken or fish.

Or- try it on some kale !: )

Healthy, tasty and definitely part of the #Paleo Diet!