Coho, Chinook, Alaskan and Atlantic; So Many Types of Salmon!

Which is best?

Here’s a little guide to refer to, as they do differ a lot in where they’re from, protein and fat content and, accordingly, flavor.

  • Chinook, also called King, are considered to taste the best and have a high fat content.  They can be white to deep red in color.
  • Chum, also called Dog,  have dog-like teeth.  Pale to medium colored, they’re lower in fat and often the type that gets canned.
  • Coho, also called Silver, have silver skin and bright red flesh.  They taste like a delicate version of King.
  • Sockeye, also called Red, have flesh that turns from silver to bright red when they swim upstream to spawn.
  • Pink, also called Humpies, have a hump on their back, are light in color and are low in fat.

Which type you buy may be influenced by where you live. 

Always go for wild.  (Wild and frozen is far healthier than never frozen but farmed).

Never buy farmed.

Ask your fish monger where the fish came from and when it arrived. 

Enjoy this must-eat fish regularly as part of your Paleo living and reap the benefits; aside from a delicious meal, you’ll be getting loads of Omega 3s, rich proteins, Vitamin D and the powerful antioxidant, Selenium.

My own personal fave has to be wild & raw king.. with some avocado and kale or seaweed.  In fact, I think I’ll have that for breakfast.