Coming Home to an Empty Fridge?

Do you find yourself getting stuck in the ’empty fridge’ trap every time you return from a trip out of town?

It’s one thing if you’re only gone for one day and night for a business trip, but how can you prepare if you’re out of town for a longer period of time than what would be considered a suitable amount of time to leave food in the fridge?

That’s easy- freeze up your food!

Last night, when I got back from London, it was all I could do to stay up late (until 8pm local!) in order to try and get into sync with local time, let alone think about going out to the grocery store.

Good thing I’d planned ahead.  I got into a groove a long time ago in terms of stocking up for my return after travel.

Frozen sliced banana, some raw almond butter, some chopped, frozen kale and some egg protein powder (a perfect example of an ‘in a pinch’ time) and water made for the perfect pre-workout smoothie, just enough to tide me over long enough to get in some exercise and then head out for a proper shop to stock back up, like normal.

A mere five minutes of prep before you leave is all it takes to ensure a healthy meal when you get home, rather than having to resort to stopping at a fast food place en route home from the airport.

The more occasions you give yourself to stay on track, the sooner you’ll get to the place of never even considering anything else.