Paleoista Healthy Holiday Tip of the Day: Deconstruct to Reconstruct

Wondering how on Earth you’re going to be able to serve your family’s traditional English Christmas Pudding during the holidays as part of your Paleo table?  Or how to integrate Aunt Martha’s Holiday Pear Crumble? Well…you’re not, exactly. But hold on- that doesn’t mean you’ve got to let all traditions go by the wayside. All you need to do is deconstruct to reconstruct! Pick apart the key ingredients and flavor profiles in any recipes that hold personal significance to you during the holidays and you may be surprised how close you come, and without the awful side effects that are part and parcel of eating gluten or dairy or white sugar! For instance, take the pear crumble example.  What speaks to you from this dish?   In season pears?  Cinnamon?  A hint of Chardonnay that turned out to be the secret ingredient in that dessert that your Auntie used to prepare? Guess what?  All of the above are totally Paleo acceptable and can be used to create a fitting dessert to the holiday meal. Here’s just such an example:   my Poached Christmas Pear recipe. Just remember: deconstruct to reconstruct!