Demand Your Kale

I absolutely loved the fact that there was an ad on the subway mentioning fresh veggies.  

And kale, at that!  

And even better yet, fresh kale, as opposed to the surge of flavored kale chips that are popping up out of the woodwork.  (Is anyone really thinking that creamsicle flavored kale chips are the same as eating the raw stuff?  Come on, now!).

Fresh Direct in NYC is such a great option for anyone with a schedule so hectic that having someone doing the grocery shopping for you and delivering it for you is what proves to be the difference between eating really fresh, healthy food and relying on having to order take out every night.

Don’t get me wrong; there are certainly many, many good options on the ‘to-go’ front, but for many, the cost may be prohibitive illustrating how, once again, buying your food and preparing it for yourself is the way to go.

Check them out if you haven’t done so yet.

And don’t forget to add kale to your basket!