And On That School Lunch Tip…

I heard a great interview today on NPR with a chef who goes by ‘The Renegade Lunch Lady’.  

Chef Ann, as per her website, states that her “life’s work is to transform how we feed our children in school each day, from highly processed to highly nourishing food — one school lunch at a time.”

Professionally trained and having worked all around the world, she decided to become what she called a ‘school lunch lady’.

I just loved what she had to say and some of the suggestions she made, including the following one she has on her site:

“I challenge you to do just one thing to make a difference in your own schools –eat lunch in a local school and see what you think, then inquire about the wellness policy in the local school district, volunteer in the kitchen, form a local task force, meet with school board members, plant a garden or at least the idea for a garden at a local school. One thing – Go for it and keep us posted of your progress on the Community Page at  Together, we’ll transform local changes into a stronger and healthier community for all children in every school. Let the Lunch Lessons Revolution begin!”

I can recall the ‘food’ offered when I was in school and even as a teenager I knew it wasn’t good.  Everything did seem to be deep fried and of a brown or orange hue with some kind of thick, cheese sauce or other gooped on top of it.   I will admit I don’t think I could bring myself to force down the food that is offered in many a school district these days.

However, that doesn’t mean I won’t partake in Chef Ann’s suggestion to continue to try and make a difference.

Will you?