Don’t Know What to Do With Those Veggies? Stick ’em in the Blender!

A few almost wilting eggplants, an almost over ripe tomato and some unused basil proved to make an interesting and surprisingly delightful summer veggie puree today.

I tend to be rather diligent (ok, maybe even a little OCD) about buying exactly the right amount of food I need so as not to waste, but every once in a while, at the end of a week, there are some odds and ends left that I don’t have a plan for.

Sure, I could wait an extra day or two until they’re really too far gone and then compost them, but I’d rather eat those veggies!

Using my example above, I steamed some eggplants that I’d procured at the farmer’s market, let them cool, then threw them in the blender with the tomato and basil.   I added a dash of turmeric, some garlic cloves and voila- a delicious concoction that can be used as a chilled soup, a dip for crudites or even a marinade for protein.

Be creative, don’t waste, and see what Paleo goodness you come up with!