Dry-Aging Your Own Beef

Is it possible?  Don't you have to own a meat-locker to dry age beef?  Apparently not!  While perusing though one of my most favorite cooking mag, COOK'S ILLUSTRATED, I came across a reader's inquiry about this topic.

All one needs to do is to wrap each piece of filet mignon, for example, in a length of cheesecloth; place on a wire rack in the back, and coldest, part of the fridge and let it sit for about four days.

I've done it and will pan sear it in the cast iron skillet this Friday- no doubt it will be devine as it's a premium, Whole Foods cut with which you simply can't go wrong!   An extra bonus is that if you do this yourself, you'll save on cost per pound as dry aged beef is more expensive as well.

Until Friday, we'll let it rest!