Eat Your Beets!

One of my most regular blog readers, who happens to be a psychologist working with elite British athletes (so he knows a thing or two!) has long been touting the benefits of eating beets (or as my husband, being a fellow Brit calls this plant, beetroot).

Not only is this plant indicated for EVERYONE, athlete or not, as it's been shown to promote brain health  and lower blood pressure.

For those of us who ARE endurance athletes, eating beetroot in advance of a workout is being shown to help improve said endurance.

Since it's off season for me from Ironman, and I spent the last two weeks in a semi-recovery phase while I get ready for the NYC Marathon, I've been doing a bit of experimenting and have completed several key workouts fueled by beets…and soft boiled eggs and coconut, of course…


Can't complain!

Give them a try yourself- whether you're getting ready for a run, or would simply like yet another health benefit from your PALEO diet when you're preparing them under, perhaps, a roast turkey.