What My Clients Think

After working with many trainers I have learned that half the battle is having a trainer that has the flexibility to meet you when you are available to work out at a location that is convenient to you. With limited time for the work out, it is critical that the trainer is there on time and ready to go. Nell is always prompt and ready to work out. She is always flexible to work with my busy schedule. During the actual work out itself, Nell is always positive and encouraging, none of the drill sargeant stuff that is anti-motivational. Nell helped me a ton to get ready and prepare for a successful and fast LA Marathon. — Brent Stratton

Nell’s training planning is innovative and her rotation of exercises and methods means my workouts never seem stagnant or complacent. I always leave our sessions feeling like I have pushed myself (or been pushed!) and gotten a great workout. Through Nell’s sessions, I find myself doing types of exercises or focusing on cleaner techniques than I ever would do on my own in the gym.— Mitch Viner

I was trying to lose the nagging 15 lbs of pregnancy weight when I met Nell through my gym. She had an extensive knowledge in helping shed post-natal weight. In addition, her training consists of various new techniques that tone and trim your body which kept the sessions interesting and challenging. I’ve recommended Nell to my friends as I believe she’s one of the top fitness trainers in town. Nell is extremely professional yet personable. I enjoyed my training sessions with her and am grateful for paving the way to fitness.— Helena Reich

I began working with Nell when I was training for the Kona marathon in 2005. In addition to providing me with an excellent pre-event training program, Nell gave me some of the best advice for a runner or any type of athlete — always stay focused on your own goals and your own progress while you are on the road, track or trail to guarantee your own success. And, listen to your body each step of the way…— Teresa Doniger

I have been training with Nell for two years, usually very early in the morning. She is very inventive – no two workouts are the same. She is always there on time, with a contagious energy level, great enthusiasm and a smile. And last but not least, the workouts are effective and I have consistently achieved my goals.— Tom O’Hern, age 50, father of 4, executive, busy guy.

I started training with Nell almost a year ago on recommendation from a friend of mine. She knew I was looking to start training for my first triathlon and said I NEEDED Nell. Boy, was she right! I truly believe I would have never made it without her. Her workouts are wonderful, and I love that she tailors them for whatever my seasonal sport may be. I had trained with other trainers in the past, but Nell’s style of training actually makes it enjoyable, and occasionally I’ll even forget just how hard she is working me! With four triathlons and my strongest ski season under my belt, I know I have Nell to thank.— Jennifer Smith