Eight Under Eighty

This is the title of a column that appears regularly in Health Magazine.

It’s not surprising that since many  readers are likely trying to lose or maintain weight,  they’d be keen to find ‘treats’ that are not over the top  in terms of calories so they’d theoretically be ‘safe’ or ‘healthy’ options for one to rely on while on a ‘diet’.

I used to think the same thing, too.   Number of calorie in versus number of calories out was the bottom line in determining whether one would lose weight, gain weight or stay the same…regardless of the source of  said calories.

Boy, was I wrong.

Fortunately, I now understand that the type of food we eat and how we balance out with regard to timing and macronutrient ratio is far, far more important than eating less than a certain arbitrary number of calories per day.

Everything in moderation does not fly here.


Because if you’re someone who is sensitive to sugar (and I don’t have a problem considering this to be a legitimate addiction), a little bit now and then is simply not OK.

Is a small glass of wine ok for someone trying to overcome their alcoholism?  Or just a tiny hit of heroin for one battling that addiction?

Sugar is truly no different.

So to infer 80 calories is 80 calories makes no sense.   In the current month’s issue, a cup of frozen grapes (which is a great, healthy, Paleo option) is listed as a good choice right next to a suggestion to eat ‘two tablespoons of ice cream in an Oreo cone’.


Frozen grapes are a lovely way to finish off a balanced meal.  An ice cream cone is a good first step down a path to a sugar binge for many.

All calories are simply not created equally.