(Paleo) Christmas in New York

Yes, busted, I AM indeed referring to the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular (which I WILL be watching, AGAIN, while I'm in NYC for a nice holiday weekend!).

However, that is not the reason for this post.  

After my last trip prompted several readers to post comments about how surprised and relieved they were to see that I"d find ways to eat lovely Paleo meals at places they hadn't thought would be good venues for Paleo, it crossed my mind to turn the tables and ask YOU a question this time.

Where should I eat?

I'll be in town for six days and would quite welcome your suggestions about your favorite Paleo friendly dining establishments.

Or, even better, how about a challenge?  Dare me to try and find something Paleo at the most  unlikely place and I'll do my best to take it in!

In any case, blog posts are sure to originate!

Help me out here, readers!