Farm to…Bowl

You’ve heard of farm to table?  Well, how about farm to bowl?  As in, food for your pet?

I think it’s brilliant and, not surprisingly, I found it just around the corner at my favorite local butcher in Chelsea, Dickson’s Farmstand Meats.

I was stocking up on grass fed cow’s liver and pork kidney for our almost fifteen year old Weimaraner and began to chat with one of the butchers about making dog food.  

By the way, unless you do this yourself, or are fortunate enough to be in an area that offers raw food preparation and delivery, your pickings for quality pet food are few and far between.  Even the most premium, expensive dog food you buy at the vet is likely to have fillers that are simply not a good idea for your dog or cat to eat.  Who ever heard of a tiger eating corn or a wolf eating wheat?  

Anyway, we were having a chat about making dog food and the butcher casually mentioned they sell dog food!  Already made from a combination of their grass fed meats, offal and some produce (yam, apple).   The first pint was free and Daisy gobbled it up like there was no tomorrow!

When in New York, get thee to Dickson’s !  Not only will your family thank you, your pets will, too!