Instead of a Turkey Melt….Choosing Wisely at the Restaurant

How about a turkey burger (make sure there's no breadcrumbs or other fillers in there!) on a salad?  That's what I had today… on the menu it was listed as a turkey melt salad, but once the cheese was removed, I was left with a lovely, healthy Paleo meal!

(As usual, I doctored the menu today at lunch while out at a local restaurant!: )

There is literally no limit to the things one can come up with when they're willing to 'think outside the box' (or should I rephrase to 'think outside the ADA's food pyramid?).

-Scan the menu to see what protein options are offered, as well as which veg is available.  Based on that, you can kindly ask the server for an order of the fish of the day, no sauce, skip the rice and double veg please and so on.

-Also keep your eyes peeled for meals that might already be (accidentally, perhaps, but nonetheless) Paleo, if you're just learning to become comfortable with asking the server for substitutions.  

-Don't assume that you will only be able to find good options when dining at finer establishments. I reference occasions when I've found good choices at a Denny's (while on the road crewing for a race), at the airport and at a 7-11!

I've written about this topic before, but it's worth mentioning again as I find clients are forever getting derailed by the idea that once removed from their home environment, where everything is controllable, nutrition just defaults to disaster, and that is simply not the case!

Be creative and consider what you're about to put into your body!