Paleo Thanksgiving Makeover

My family is now on board with Paleo after they’ve seen with their own eyes my dramatic weight loss!  At first, it was tough going, as I had to fight temptation staring me in the face every time I opened the freezer and saw my husband’s Haagen-Dazs or my teen-aged kids chips in the pantry, but I stuck to my guns and now those foods aren’t even tempting me anymore!   There will just be the four of us for the holiday and I’m keen to keep it completely Paleo.  Could you review what to eat instead of each dish that we’d see on a traditional Thanksgiving table?  

Sure- this is easy!  When there are no non-Paleo foods, there’s no juggling the feeling of having to serve something for one guest and something else for another.

Following is what I’d suggest to swap for each traditional holiday dish:

  • Cheese Platter with Crackers – crudités with homemade guacamole (why not add a little Latin flair?) or red pepper & walnut dip
  • Green Bean Casserole – Pan roasted Brussels Sprouts with shallots, pecans and a sprinkle of naturally dried cranberries
  • Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallow – Puree of yam, topped with golden delicious apples with rosemary, baked in a casserole
  • Canned Cranberry Sauce– Fresh cranberries, cooked with orange zest and cloves, blended, then chilled
  • Stuffing –Use the standard spices- sage, rosemary, thyme.. but sauté them with wild mushrooms and add bone broth to create desired texture
  • Salt-Brined Turkey Focus on fresh or dried herbs & spices…rather than salt
  • Pie- Apple, Pecan & Pumpkin Baked Apples with cinnamon or puree of freshly roasted pumpkin with cardamom, whipped with fresh coconut milk, topped with pecans
  • Ice Cream – homemade sorbet using cranberry, apple or other seasonally appropriate fruits

There is honestly no end to the variety of flavors or foods we get to enjoy on Paleo.   No need to feel deprived and driven to cheat; that’s simply not what True Paleo is all about!