Healthy, Paleo Shopping- For Those Who DON’T Like a List

Generally speaking, I'm a planner.  I prefer to have my list of meals I'll be making for the week to come ahead of time, so that when I get to Whole Foods, I know exactly what I want.

However, there are times when I prefer to freestyle.  I am still sure to buy all the fresh fruits, veg, proteins and fat I'll need for the week, but sometimes I'd rather just see what I see!

If this is you, here are a few tips that you can rely on to make sure you'll get a nice variety and end up with some tasty, #Paleo Diet meals!

– See what is on special. For example, today at Whole Foods, I opted for fresh, wild Coho Salmon fillets for $8.99 per pound over the frozen King Salmon for $24.99 per pound.  You can certainly use a budget as your guide!   So now, I'll make a cedar plank, tomato & basil salmon for dinner tonight.

-See what's new.   I found black garlic in the produce section a few months back and am now in love with it.  Had I only looked for raw garlic, I'd likely not have seen this tasty treat!

-See what's local!  Opt for the seasonally appropriate, local apples now as we head into fall, rather than blueberries flown in from Chile.

-See what you can try as a sample and then recreate into something new.  Last week's chicken stew leftovers turned into a veggie puree once I removed the chicken and blended what was left; the meat became a  chicken salad with olive oil, raw cashews and a few dried apricots.

Granted, this method is not recommended if you're pressed for time or have a screaming baby with you, but on the rare occasion you may actually have time to play, you may want to try it out!