Soup-To-Go Takes On A Whole New Meaning

Let’s face it.   We live in a hectic time and for many, squeezing in the time to eat is a luxury. It can easily end up being more along the lines of a collection of random foods thrown together haphazardly and inhaled in a hurry, rather than an enjoyable meal. While part of the strategy to fix this should absolutely include addressing the schedule and trying to incorporate meal time as a dedicated ‘appointment’ several times during the day, we can also target the solution by including some meals to eat on the go. Like soup. Don’t worry, I won’t be suggesting you try driving while ladling spoonfuls of bone broth into your mouth. I’m talking smoothies. Or you might prefer to call it a puree. Why not? After all, if we are talking about needing to get in some quality calories while being pressed for time, like, for example, all of you soccer moms out there that are whisking the little ones to and fro, why not have something you can drink while you’re in the car? You likely already have a bottle of water, or a cup of tea when you’re behind the wheel; drinking a beverage doesn’t pose a safety risk while driving, so rather than trying to shove in too much food too quickly after going too long without eating and crashing…right when it’s time to get the kids to swim practice…you can prepare ahead of time and simply grab your chilled puree of soup in a thermos from the fridge and hit the minivan in no time flat. In Pocket Paleo, Snacks, I give a few examples of just this type of meal, but anything goes.  Whatever soup you made with whichever veggies and any protein (sans bones!) will blend perfectly after its cooled down, making it conducive to separating it out into portions to go, and that’s that! Blended Tom Yum with chicken, anyone?   (Won’t hurt to combat the cold season while you’re at it!)