Friday the 16th

same breakfast (at 5:30am) as the past several days- I love it and it works!!

9:00 am- (today’s 2nd meal was different than the usual protein and veg because I knew I had a track session after my last client. I needed to prepare for that and eat accordingly!) small plain goat milk yogurt, banana, 2 egg whites (hard boiled) and a ‘Greens +’ Bar. (These are the only other type of bar I’ll eat on occasion as I feel they are really clean and assist with maintaining the body’s alkalinity. I chose a bar because I wanted a little extra carbohydrate to top of my muscle glycogen stores).

noon- track workout- hard, fast intervals, for 1:15 hours– recovery drink ( because it was a tough w/o and I know I’ve got some volume this weekend!)

3pm – 3 oz chicken breast, flash sauteed asparagus (leftovers from last night!), apple, orange, green tea

5:30pm- pear, 2 slices of turkey breast, .5 oz raw walnuts, bell pepper

8pm dinner- mache salad, raw kale, spaghetti squash, small peice of Chris’s baked potato (again- to prep for tomorrow’s w/o) and roast chicken breast with a glass of Cab and a handful of grapes as dessert.