Yesterday I whipped up another delicious smoothie at home using nothing more elaborate than one of my blenders.  I posted a tweet about it and several of my twitter followers and friends emailed me directly to ask about it, so I figured it was worth a little post!

(Since I'd already finished my workouts that day, and did NOT need to stick with the typical pre workout Paleo fare, I wanted to make this smoothie  typical of all my non training Paleo meals- as in a macro nutrient ratio closer to 40/30/30 compared to the 4:1 Carb:Pro Paleo ratio I go for before and after training!)

I threw in:

  • 8 oz of brewed, chilled plain green tea (plain as in, NO one needn't add sugar, for Pete's sake!)
  • 1/2 a bunch of flash steamed kale (I'd eaten the other half with avocado, leftover turkey and an apple for breakfast)
  • 1 cup of frozen, organic berries (I like to freeze the berries to give the shake more body)
  • 1/4 large, ripe Avocado
  • A runny cage free egg (if you're not that keen on eating them raw, you can soft boil for six minutes without destroying too many of the nutrients while signficantly decreasing the likelihood of encountering any bacteria)
  • A dash of turmeric (natural anti-inflammatory thus a great idea for athletes to use to counter the acidity we may encounter as a result of our training)

I whizzed it for about a minute, poured it into a glass, stuck in a straw and off I went to run my errands.  I don't recommend eating in the car as a regular, go-to idea, BUT if you're pressed for time, you can make a liquid meal like this at home and the result is something that is safe to drink while driving!

Here I am, enjoying the afore mentioned smoothie:

Kale Nell