Fast (and Healthy) Eating on the Fly, Literally!

En route to our holiday destination of Playa del Carmen, Mexico, my husband and were in quite a rush to board our connecting flight from Houston to Cancun, after having had a bit of delay at take-off in Seattle.   

We had about three minutes to run from one plane, across the airport, to the next, and attempt to grab some form of food on the way!
Perfect, I thought; here's another chance to practice what I preach and prove that one can, even in a mad rush, find something healthy while traveling!
(Please do keep in mind that I'm not suggesting one go to fast, take-away food places as a normal activity, just that when you are in a rush, on a business trip, for example, you don't HAVE to let it all go out the window and opt for fried, processed junk!)
I ran through the food court and picked up two grilled chicken salads, two apples and two bottles of water for myself & my husband.  We ditched the cream-based Caesar dressing that came on the side, as well as the cheese packet and instead, picked up a packet of roasted almonds from Starbucks.   Granted, the 'salad' was nothing more than shredded Romaine lettuce, but that, along with the protein (grilled chicken), the healthy fat (almonds) and some complex carbs (apple) was a balanced way to tide us over for the next leg of our journey!
It totally worked and did the job to keep us satiated until we reached our final destination and were able to order a proper meal.
Give it a try- even if you're in a rush at the airport, for example, you can still find SOMETHING better than candy bars and french fries!