Healthy Paleoista Holiday Tip of the Day: Cover it in Chocolate

Just kidding… I had to throw it in there.  After all, it is National Cover it in Chocolate Day. Yikes. To think of what people are going to come up with…you may have think you’ve seen it all once you’ve witnessed chocolate covered bacon, glanced at a package of chocolate covered kale chips, or checked out the chocolate covered diet (not kidding- this really exists). No doubt, real chocolate is delicious, has health benefits and can be a part of a healthy Paleo regime.   Incorporating just a piece now and then of the real deal can be, for many, what keeps them on track and balanced in terms of appreciating all Paleo has to offer without the awful side effects one might experience if they had a chocolate baked item, a chocolate dairy item or an outright low quality chocolate item with all sorts of additives. So rather than covering something in chocolate, choose each food you eat selectively, enjoy it for its own flavor as well as its healthy and environmental benefits (like buying locally and in season) and let raw, dark chocolate play its own role with the same perspective. By the way, a beautiful glass of a full bodied, robust Cab can also be a part of a healthy Paleoista’s holiday regime…Just sayin’ PS:  Don’t bark up the wrong tree, either.   Check out Barefoot Provisions Chocolate Bark for a special treat!