Healthy Paleoista Holiday Tip of the Day: Bottoms Up!

As part of all the festivities during the holidays, having a drink now and then is part and parcel of all the customary celebrations. And, if you happen to follow a Paleo regime, there’s room for this partaking! In honor of National Sangria Day, I thought it fitting to write a bit about how this drink might be just the beverage during your toast at a holiday party or during a quiet evening in, spent with your significant other. Given that Sangria is a “Spanish drink of red wine mixed with lemonade, fruit, and spices”, it’s a fairly straightforward recipe to makeover into Paleo friendly standard. Rather than rely on commercially prepared lemonade loaded with sugars, like corn syrup, you can opt out here and add a twist of freshly squeezed lemon instead. Here’s the best part- all you need to do to make it is to chop up some fruit, place it in a pitcher, pour the wine in and let it sit for a day! I’d go with whatever fruit is in season locally, personally…my favorite NY State Apples would be perfect if you’re on the East Coast, and combine with either Grenache or Tempranillo and voila!  Or, keep it seasonal and stick with fresh cranberries and perhaps some citrus; there’s really no wrong way to go! It’ll be the easiest recipe you’ve ever executed. Cheers!