Exercise Is Only PART Of The Picture- NUTRITION COMPLETES IT

I can't tell you how many times people have commented to me that they can't figure out how they can:

  • go to the gym every day OR
  • train and race ironman OR
  • run 50 miles per week

and so on, and still not have the body they want.

When I meet someone in the shoppes or at a race, and receive a compliment on looking lean & fit, the first thing I'm asked is, "What do you do?".  If I say that I race Ironman, that seems to be the end of the conversation.  Or, sort of. It's the end of my part in the conversation.  The response, then, tends to be about what they do and why it's not working and then it goes on to to the idea that since I race Ironman, I don't have to worry about anything I eat.

Well… kind of.

I DON'T worry about what I eat, but that's because everything I eat is PALEO.  I don't eat anything I don't want, and I DO eat everything I DO want.

See how easy it is?

I'm always careful to be sure and steer the exchange right to diet, food and, you guessed it, Paleo.  I bring it up and then it's discussed. People are almost always interested to learn about it, and of course, I'm always happy to share.

I just read this quote from a book I was flipping through about 'fat-burning' (yes, I research all the different books out there, that are in the same category as mine!! ): "Exercise does not create changes in your physique. The food eaten afterward repairs broken down muscles and completes the physique change."

Remember, food (REAL food) is more than half the equation.  So, if you're wondering about why you're not getting the results you wanted, check your diet and if it's not PALEO, there's the problem right there!

GO PALEO, get lean, get fit, and leave all your aches, pains, poor skin and excess weight behind.  Wow, doesn't THAT sound like a gimmicky ad?  Only, the only thing I'm selling is the message to get you to eat real, healthy food!  

"How ya' like THEM apples?"