The Real, Raw You

Nope, I haven’t gone all raw, but I was invited to be a part of something  pretty interesting that I wanted to share with you.
On Black Friday, I’ll be speaking to you from cyberspace along with other nutritionists, doctors and conscious leaders who’ve come together to teach their hottest tips to awaken your body and power.
Jeneth, the founder of Real Raw You is the woman behind a new movement which involves, in her words a “shake up in the real food worlds to clear out contracted viewpoints about food via neurology nutrition. Her aim is to stop women, around the world, from constantly obsessing about their bodies.”
Another weight loss summit?
Sure, but from within.
She’s put together a four-day online seminar where, together, we awaken you and the way you are with food and your body.It’s called the Paleo Awakening… and it starts on Black Friday. I’ve gotten a sneak peek and WOW; I’ve never heard of anything like it. Inside Paleo Awakening, during the Black Friday Celebration, aside from listening to me wax poetic about the benefits of Paleo (which, if you know me, are hard for me to keep quiet about!),  you’ll also learn from an extraordinary group of best-selling authors, nutritionists, fitness experts. They will be sharing their wisdom and offering experiences that are filled with knowledge, vibrancy, frequency and flow! Your radical awakening could be just days away and you can take part from the comfort of your home! If you’d like to Join the Paleo Awakening Black Friday Party , Jeneth is sharing a bonus of 2 free Mp3 downloads from actress, Mariel Hemmingway and Conscious Leader Lisa Nichols. Sign Up Now & see you online…in between visits to Barney’s & Williams-Sonoma holiday shopping, of course!