Is Dairy Paleo? Do I Really Have to Avoid it?

No, it’s not. Even if it comes from grass-fed cows. Even if you feel you can ‘tolerate it’ as in you don’t have an obvious physical reaction like a stomach ache, or gassiness, whether or not to avoid it could be deciphered on a few considerations:

  • Do you have a diagnosed condition such as celiac disease?  Dairy is cross reactive with gluten, as are several other foods that should be avoided…even if you think you’re ‘tolerating’ them.  The Paleo Mom does an excellent job on her site going in to great deal about these foods and why they should not be eaten.
  • Do you have acne?  There is a strong correlation between  milk (and all dairy products) to insulin resistance and to acne. Dr. Cordain has written an entire book on the subject.
  • How about your bones?  Are you drinking milk thinking it’s going to be helpful to building a strong skeleton?  Think again.  Unfortunately, the net acidic load of dairy does just the opposite.   Refer again, to Dr Cordain’s latest book, The Paleo Answer, where an entire chapter is devoted to why milk does not do a body good.

So here’s the question- is there room for grass-fed dairy on a Paleo regime if you’re not suffering from any known issues and you’re feeling fantastic? That, my friend, is your call. I’m not changing my tune and suggesting we alter what Paleo really is, but if we look at the subject, big picture and you’re coming from a place where you were eating a very low quality, acidic, inflammatory diet and now you’re moving in the direction of becoming healthier, losing weight, adding veggies,  omitting sugar and eliminating things one at a time, that approach can work, too. It doesn’t have to happen over night!