Fresh Veggies to Go… Really Fresh Veggies!

I had to share this little piece from’s blog.  It was forwarded to me from a friend in Oz, as an attempt to tease me and my undying love for kale.

Written in what I perceived to be a very funny standpoint, the premise is not that this is a way to keep your veggies as fresh as possible (as in, in plant form) until you eat them, but rather, a way to take your teeny tiny plants out of the house and show them a good time.

Small containers (planters) that sell for less than fifty bucks are actually strapped to the frame of a bike and, according to the post, allow you to bring green wherever you go.

They do add a caveat, though:  “Once your plants get a taste of life on two wheels, they may never want to return to their windowsill.”

It would be far than aerodynamic to throw some baby kale plants onto my Cervelo, but if we’re talking beach cruisers for peddling down to the farmer’s market or beach….hmmm….