Paleo Pets

Are you eating a healthy, Paleo diet, but feeding your dog dried-out Kibble, filled with corn and rice?


During our recent move from Washington home to Los Angeles, we briefly had our two Weimaraners on kibble, simply because we hadn't sorted out where we would be buying their food, once we landed in LA.  In just a matter of a couple of weeks, we noticed that their coats were getting patchy and they'd put on a few pounds!

In Seattle, we'd been using a fantastic real food delivery service:

They offer raw or cooked WHOLE FOOD with NO FILLERS for pets.

Alternatively, the food we have them on now, is wonderful, and also more cost effective:

Of course, you can also make your pet's food- and here's a great resource to guide you on the how-to:

Please note, I do not claim to be a canine or feline professional, however just coming from a very common sense approach and knowing what I know and implement on paleolithic eating for myself, my husband and my clients, why would I feed junk to my dear (canine) children?

Just consider it…