Go Nuts at Whole Foods

If you’re a Whole Foods fan like I am, you’re well aware that many have a sizable bulk section which can come in quite handy for those times when you need just a little of this or a pinch of that. Granted, many of the contents in those bulk bins are more in keeping with other types of eating regimes than Paleo; dried beans, grains and flours, but there certainly are a fair share of foods we would want to have on hand. Namely, raw nuts. And even more importantly, something I saw for the first time at my local whole foods- sprouted raw nuts. And yes, this was cause for excitement. Not too different than when I come across a veggie I’ve never seen before or the most lovely (whilst unusual looking) Heirloom tomato, coming across healthy foods that weren’t previously offered at any particular store or restaurant is rather exciting, indeed. Since all nuts and seeds contain phytates, which are anti nutrients and inflammatory to some, and to all when eaten too much or too often, soaking and sprouting is a fantastic way to lower the downside of eating them. And for those who feel super pressed for time and don’t want to conduct the process themselves (it’s neither difficult, nor time consuming, but for many, it’s one extra thing to do),  it’s a really easy way to get the best type of nuts without doing any extra work. Be on the lookout for raw, sprouted nuts at your local Whole Foods, grocery store or farmer’s market and when you find them- stock up.  They’ll keep perfectly in the freezer due to their high fat content! Go ahead, go nuts!