Grilled Turkey Breast…and it’s not dry at all!

Using the same technique and thought process as when cooking chicken breast, I bought a bone-in, skin on turkey breast in order to seal in flavor and moisture.

Heat up your grill and throw in a scattering of wood chips that you've soaked for at least an hour to impart a nice, woodsy flavor.

Peel back the skin from the turkey breast and sprinkle on some freshly ground black & white peppercorns, and rub on a mixture of olive oil and your favorite herbs (I opted for tarragon & parsley with garlic yesterday).

Pull the skin back over the meat and tuck in the edges; then tie with kitchen twine.  Douse the skin with olive oil after placing it in a roasting pan.

Put the whole thing on the grill and cook, covered, turning every 15' or so and checking temp after an hour to make sure it's reached 160F.

Let rest 10' then slice & serve.

Great for leftovers the next day(s), too!