The Secret to Sock-Eye

OK, it’s not really a secret- I just liked the alliteration. If you’re a wild salmon lover like I am, you may have found that while being flexible about the type of proteins and veggies you pick up at the market lends itself to being far more economical than being set on one thing, and one thing only. For example, you may find wild King Salmon prices in at $24.99/pound while Sock-eye or Coho weigh in at sometimes half the cost. Or, you may find that there simply is no wild King Salmon available, only farmed, so you then have another reason to go with an alternate. Does that mean you need to change dinner plans completely? Nope. But you may want to slightly alter your cooking technique. Since Wild King is so deliciously rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, you can get away with cooking methods, such as baking in the oven, that for other types of fish would leave the dish a bit…dried out. So what’s the ‘secret’? Pan sear it. And quickly. Perhaps the simplest thing to do is to give it a quick douse in a salt-free cajun blend, throw down some coconut oil into your cast iron skillet and cook for about four minutes, flipping once, halfway, then turning off the heat and letting it sit, covered in foil for a few more minutes while you throw together a quick salad. Voila! Fresh veggies with natural, wild protein at a good price point- sounds like the perfectly paleo dinner to me!