Happy Birthday, My Gift to You

Today is my 40th birthday and I feel fantastic!   Full of energy, vibrant, alive and far healthier than I did half my life ago. When I was 20, I was in the throes of feeling so sick every day and not having a clue what was causing it.  It wasn’t until years later, nearly a decade ago, that I finally discovered, through years of trial and error, that primarily gluten, along with soy and dairy were the core culprits of the GI distress I experienced for more than the first half of my life. When I learned about and applied the principles of  the Paleo Diet, and the work of Dr. Cordain,  it was absolutely life changing. Being able to share this wealth of knowledge with clients as well as friends and family members has become my one of my primary goals. Reaching people and providing some guidance to learn to adopt healthy Paleo eating strategies is by far the focus of my long term career goal. When I say or write that I want to change how America eats, I mean it! So today, on my birthday, it felt fitting to share more with you than a blog post or a tip about how to prepare a favorite vegetable. For September 15, 2014 only, your choice of any of my 6 wk Paleoista plans is free.  Simply enter coupon code D70LE8EGALU1 upon check out from my online store and receive 6 wks of easy to prepare, Paleo eating plans. Enjoy!