Health Food?

Health food is a term that we’ve all seen before.  We can go to a health food store, venture down the health food aisle in many a grocery store or veer off to the health food section even in chain pharmacies like Duane Read or Rite Aid.

The term rolls of the tongue without a second thought.

But it shouldn’t.

It should actually be an oxymoron; after all, the definition of food is “any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink, or that plants absorb, in order to maintain life and growth.”

Most of what is eaten by people these days, like it or not, would not be considered, therefore, food.

Aside from that, the mere fact that we have to classify certain things to eat as being health food makes everything else, by default, not only not health food, but not food, period.

Add this all up and it’s a very succinct (and very sad) way of looking at the state of what most of the country is eating these days.

Even if we consider someone who has no clue about human physiology or how the body works, don’t we all at least know we should be eating food and not be eating things that are not food?    We simply cannot put things in our body that we are not supposed to be eating and then be surprised at the negative outcome.  On top of that, we cannot expect to continue doing this without consequence simply because we add more things into the mix (medications to fix what becomes broken due to ingesting the non foods) and continue ingesting the non foods.  Hello, band-aid.

Please, just eat real food in the first place.