Healthy Paleoista Holiday Tip of the Day: Cozy Up With A Cuppa

When it’s cold outside and the light of day grows shorter, especially today, on Winter Solstice, it’s easy to think of seasonal drinks that might be traditional, but are anything but healthy. Spiced Rum Punch might sound warming, and a a mug of homemade egg nog, too, but given that there are so many other alternatives, why not skip the inevitable side effects and go with an option that will not only warm your body, but will also conjure up holiday nostalgia simply by their smell, all the while providing heath benefits to boot! I’m talking tea! Whether you opt for the simplest of options- picking up a box of tea sachets at the grocery store, to brewing the perfect cup with tea leaves and a filter, or going as far as to create a custom blend of exotic flavors  (check out Art of Tea!), there are endless possibilities to what you might come up with to warm your spirit, soothe your soul and cozy up with a cuppa on a cold, winter’s night. In fact, I think a piping hot Rishi green sounds perfect right about now!