Holiday Tip # 6: Baking for Decor, not for Eating

One of the things I loved about all the baking I used to do was the pure creativity of it.  Well before I stopped eating gluten or even knew about being intolerant to it, I found baking and cooking to be my favorite creative outlet.

I can’t paint and my singing leaves a lot to be desired, but my art via cooking is absolutely my artistic outlet.

I chuckled a little when I wrote a post comparing the ingredients of play-doh to bread; they’re virtually the same, except that the latter has yeast in it!

If we’re thinking in terms of baking purely for the purpose of art, not eating, then we can go ahead and use non Paleo ingredients since we won’t be ingesting them anyway!

Bring on the gingerbread houses and sugar-cookie tree ornaments!

If you’re worried you’ll be too tempted, you can always finish them off with a eco-friendly lacquer which would render them inedible,  putting an end to any thought you might have of eating them.