Healthy Paleoista Holiday Tip of the Day: Pay it Forward

We choose to nourish our body with real, Paleo food.  We nourish our bodies by engaging in regular physical activity.   Let’s not forget one really important thing- nourishing our spirits and our hearts, by ‘doing unto others’. Let’s keep in mind that not all of us can access fresh food or safe places to exercise, and think about how we might help correct this dilemma. Here’s where I need your help. I’d like to start creating more of an awareness of viable options by which to make more of an impact. I’ve suggested in the past broad ideas, like helping to set up a community garden or volunteering at local schools in your community to help implement physical activity. Now, let’s put a plan together. While I’d love the idea of creating my very own Paleo-based charity (imagine a foundation that would help get real, fresh, food to those who need it, educate society on all the benefits of eating this way and even funding studies to counter all those in-studio ‘experts’ we see in the media who tell us that Paleo ‘sounds good, but isn’t sustainable and there aren’t enough studies to show that Paleo cures ‘x’), the thing that makes more sense is to learn about existing charities and organizations and find out how to contribute to them. So…tell me! What charities do you contribute to? Childhood obesity prevention?  Diabetes awareness?   Your local CSA? I’d love to have a list of organizations to contribute to that have something to do with the broad message I’m trying to get out there- eat food, move, eat Paleo and so on so that others can begin to be aware and do their part, too!