Cherries Are Here!

Yes, I get excited about seeing the arrival of certain fruits or veggies at particular times each year.  

I should qualify that and say ‘arrival of local varieties of certain fruits and veggies each year’ because the unfortunate truth is that I could actually get the fruit that’s the star of this post at any time during the year here in Los Angeles…it just would not be local, or organic or fresh, so why bother?

Cherries are an example of a fruit that falls within the category of ‘must buy organic’.  Given it’s delicate constitution and lack of an outer peel (as opposed to a banana, for example), it’s not something I’d personally feel comfortable eating in a conventional form.

According to the National Cherry Growers and Industries Foundation, fresh cherries are considered to be a significant source of anthocyanins, potent antioxidants, in the human diet.  In addition, they provide:

  • Potassium  -A diet high in potassium and calcium, and low in sodium and alcohol, is a reasonable and safe approach to promote blood pressure control.  (Go figure- that describes Paleo to a tee!)
  • Quercetin  -Acts as a free radical scavenger 
  • Protection from certain Cancers and  Cardiovascular disease 
  • Prevention of Diabetes- Sweet cherries have an estimated glycemic index of 22, making them a good choice for  part of a healthy, balanced Paleo meal or snack
  • Reduction or elimination of Inflammation -phytochemicals in cherries have been shown to inhibit enzymes responsible for inflammatory response

Enjoy them chopped on top of a salad made of arugula, grilled pastured chicken and avocado, or pureed into a marinade for game meats.

Or, just grab a handful and enjoy them in all their simplicity!