Paleo Purees…


No, that is NOT a heap of grass clippings from the lawn mower bag with mashed wild salmon; it's a puree of kale, garlic and avocado.

Which was quite a delightful meal, actually.

What's with the presentation?

Well, having had dental surgery nearly a week ago, and having had all my meals from then until this morning look like this:IMG_1102

 (which is a liquid concoction with kale, egg, coconut oil, pumpkin, garlic and turmeric), it was a huge improvement to have something half way between eating and drinking.

Kind of 'chew with your tongue' sort of thing.

While I admit to putting of the procedure I needed (gum graft surgery) partly because I was terrified (isn't that funny, of all the things I'm not scared of, and then this came along…), it was also partly because the concept of my body not healing itself from receding gums (due either to excessive brushing as a kid when I thought the harder I brush, the cleaner my teeth will be) or possibly clenching teeth while sleeping (although I never have a headache or TMJ pain, so…. don't know there!) was a bit incomprehensible.

Happy to report it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought; in fact taking a course of antibiotics proved more annoying as anytime I take any sort of a western medicine, I certainly feel 'off'.

I had to chuckle at the periodontist's 'food' suggestions while I heal- macaroni and cheese, jello along with other processed crap, I mean 'food' that happens to be soft. Oh, and I had to be sure not to eat pop corn or chips.


Happily, I pureed the heck out of about two bunches of kale each day along with broccoli, rapini and other assorted greens, plenty of raw garlic, raw salmon, avocado and turmeric in varying combinations in lieu of even entertaining eating any of that junk.  

As if!

Stitches come out in one more day and gosh, will I be happy to eat a bloody, rare steak!