Holiday Tip of the Day: Don’t Shop Hungry

We already know that going to the grocery store hungry is a bad idea.  Doing so creates a situation where flagging blood sugar levels make that bag of chips or that candy bar seem like a great idea at the time.

Well, same goes for holiday shopping.

I may be in the anomaly as I actually love Christmas shopping, but for many, braving the crowds, the fluorescent lights in many shoppes and the background noise of a child having a tantrum (perhaps also due to not having eaten properly?), can prove to be all it takes to drive them to the limit and head straight for the food court and a double cheese pizza, or a triple scoop of egg nog ice cream.

Don’t nip it in the bud, nip it before it even starts!

Approach it just like you would an important meeting:  eat a proper, Paleo meal, rich in protein, healthy fat, local veggies and a large glass or two of water.    Balanced blood sugar levels always lead to greater mental clarity and, as a result, a far more productive and, dare I say, even enjoyable, shopping experience!