Paleo Fx Begins Today!

It was over a year ago that I literally ran into the organizers of PaleoFx at a health expo close to home in Los Angeles.   For anyone new to the Paleosphere, here’s a nice little summary of what it’s all about, courtesy of their homepage,

“PaleoFX is a collaborative symposium energized by professionals dedicated to turning the esoteric theory of primal health and fitness into actual real world practice. Currently hosted each spring in Austin, TX, PaleoFX is a powerful three-day community of cutting-edge trainers, gym owners, health care professionals, bloggers, and scientists who work in a wide variety of fields, but who all focus on translating primal ideas into everyday, sustainable, effective realities.”

I’m honored to have a place on the stage there, where I’ll be giving a talk about Paleo and Endurance Training, doing a Paleoista Culinary Demo and participate on three panel discussions.

I’ll have both my books, The Paleo Diet Cookbook as well as Paleoista: Gain Energy, Get Lean and Feel Fabulous with the Diet You Were Born to Eat for sale in the Paleo Fx store, as well as some limited edition Paleosita visors (in black, of course).

So looking forward to networking with Paleo devotees from all over the place and who’ve found Paleo for all sorts of reasons but with one commonality- we’re all human and we’re all meant to be moving and eating the same thing- food! 

Click here for more info on how to stream live from the event if you’re unable to be there in person!