How Many Nuts Are Too Many Nuts?

First, let me start by saying that, yes, nuts ARE part of the #PaleoDiet . (Of course, NOT Peanuts- they're legumes, not nuts!)

Second, the top thee nuts, as far as their Omega 6:3 ratio are, in order: Walnuts, Macadamias, Pecans (interesting to note that almonds, which are often thought to be uber-healthy, have no detectable levels of good Omega 3's and high levels of bad Omega 6's.  This is not to say one cannot eat almonds, rather, just be careful to balance out your diet with Omega 3's from other sources, like fish oil)).

Finally- the big question:  how many nuts should one eat?

The answer:  BALANCE it out, do the math and you'll have the recommended amount specific to you:

Keeping in mind that the suggested macro nutrient ratio of the #PaleoDiet is 19-35% PRO/28-47%FAT/22-40%CHO, and that both CHO & PRO have 4kcals/gram while FAT has 9 -12 kcals/gram, look at the contents of your meal and work backwards to get your ideal 'dose of nuts'!

Too tricky?

For many people, it's easier to be told a flat out amount- and I always also encourage people to tune in to what their body is telling them, while being common-sensical to boot.

A small handful of raw nuts atop a large bed of leafy greens with shredded, grilled salmon, blueberries and a fresh twist of lemon juice would just about make an ideal meal without getting too much into weights and measures!

Make it simple- don't eat a jar of nuts, again, have a small palm-full!

And- keep it raw, and salt-free!

Don't GO NUTS, or anything…

(Sorry, bad joke, but you get the idea!)