How Much Fruit Should I Be Eating?

Nell, I noticed that you eat a lot of fruit and include it in your meal plans.  What role does it play other than satisfying a sweet tooth?  I'm satisfied with just eating the protein, veggies and fats and I workout one hour per day.  -Cherie

Great question- and thanks for the blog topic! 

Yes, I do tend to eat a lot of fruit, BUT I eat even more veggies, AND I train anywhere from 2 – 6 hours per day.   Being a Paleo Endurance Athlete, I rely on these fantastic natural sources of carbohydrates to fuel my workouts over non-Paleo items like bagels, pasta and 'sports bars'..

Fruits, like veggies, are an important source of fiber, vitamins, minerals and an integral part of the balance of The Paleo Diet.

No, you don't need to eat fruit at EVERY meal, and certainly, if you are full after eating protein, veggies and fat, there is no need to add more food (of any type) to that particular meal.

Think BALANCE and keep it easy:  
For meals NOT surrounding workouts, start with veggies, add some protein and then some fat, and you'll be close to the Paleo macro nutrient ratio of 40/30/30 without over thinking it!