Don’t Wash Your Grapes… YET!

Hopefully, by now, you're well versed in your twice weekly,  hour in the kitchen, food prep!
One of the things I recommend doing is to wash your WHOLE fruit, as in apples, plums and nectarines.


Of course, they need to be washed before you eat them. but if you do it too soon, you'll likely end up wasting some of them as they'll go bad before you eat them!

If you rinse grapes and don't literally, thoroughly, dry them one by one, the tiny bit of moisture breeds bacterial growth and causes spoilage within a couple of days, versus leaving them unwashed until right before eating, and leaving them on the vine, in which case they can last over a week!

There's one thing NOT to do during your hour in the kitchen, unless you and your family or dinner guests are literally going to eat the whole bunch that evening!