Sunday, 18 November

Again, since training volume is lessened, the normal breakfast pre-training is substituted with a version slightly lower in starch…

Green power/flax/lecithin & vitamins, 4 hard boiled egg whites, banana w. raw almond butter, 1/2c organic plain goatmilk yogurt, americano

Bike workout on the Computrainer/Intervals then spinning out the legs…- 2 hours- 2 hammer gels during

next meal, immediately post: small potato (no recovery drink today, so here is the quick starch!), 1/4 avocado, 1/2 can tuna w. mustard on a bed of spinach w. 1/2 papaya, Kombuca and an apple

later: 1/2 green+ bar (from yesterday!)

Dinner at a great local Thai place: Salad, no dressing, chicken satay, no sauce, steamed shrimp and steamed veggies w. a light curry sauce on the side- perfect!